Intercom Systems

A complement to any security system and an inexpensive form of security in any home, office or commercial facility is an intercom system.

Safe and convenient, intercoms allow for the identification of visitors before a door is released. 

Most standard intercom systems include and are not limited to just audio or audio and video forms of communication.  Communication formats can either be analogue or digital.  More advanced models can also be integrated into multi-station phone systems, which can allow for a more functional and practical mode of communication.

An intercom is typically located at the entry of premises.  The user operates the intercom via a handset or monitor.  Once authority is granted to the visitor, the operator can release a door strike or electric locking device via a control switch or software application.

CDS Security is able to configure intercom systems to enable the ability to remotely release a door from a fixed or mobile telephone.  We can also integrate intercom systems into a full security solution, with alarm systems, access control and CCTV systems.